Vidéo of Fanfan
(Séga Ravanne - Mauritius Island)

exclusive pon the web !

Here are the very first pictures of Fanfan on the web !!! Incredible that we had to wait till now for that !!! Give thanks to Chrsitian Lorre, director of a movie ' Chants du temps longtemps" shot in 1998. He also recorded Fanfan for the first CD recorded by the séga master.
This video clip is rightly named "The worker man struggle" because Fanfan is a militant artist too.

Syncope give thanks to Christian Lorre for his authorization of braodacasting this clip on Syncope website.

Extract from the movie " Chants du temps longtemps " by Christian Lorre
Prod. Mouvement, RFO, France 3 Corse 1998.

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